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Terms and Policy

Disclosure Statement
Degrees, Credentials, Licenses:
*Master of Arts degree in Psychology and Counseling with a concentration in Sexual Orientation awarded 9/2011 from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont
*Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) issued 12/2/14, expires 12/31/22 (License # CC4380)
*AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator issued 6/30/12, expires 6/30/15.

Confidentiality: This counselor is committed to maintaining confidentiality of the client's therapy and records pertaining to this therapy with the following exceptions:
1. As mandated by law to prevent a clear and immediate danger to the client or others;
2. As mandated by law to report cases of physical or sexual mistreatment of minors, elders, or incapacitated persons;
3. As mandated by court order;
4. In compliance with a voluntary release previously obtained in writing from the client or legal guardian; or
5. In order to obtain clinical supervision as specifically announced.

Areas of Competence: This counselor is, by training, prepared to offer psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families-adolescent through adult. She utilizes a client-centered, eclectic approach to counseling incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, and trauma-sensitive therapy as appropriate. This counselor has by education and affirmed by licensure been prepared to work with all major mental illnesses and through training and experience has developed expertise in addressing sexuality issues in a holistic, integrative manner. Medications may be helpful for specific conditions. This counselor defers to and works closely with the client's principal health care provider(s) and/or psychiatrist in the event that medications are merited.

Course of Action: The first session is dedicated to intake and assessment with goal setting and treatment planning being mutually decided upon no later than the third session. Clinical diagnosis, if warranted, will take place within the first three sessions, will be discussed with the client as therapeutically appropriate and desired by the client, and may be subject to refinement as treatment continues. The course of treatment will be revisited and updated if necessary at intervals not to exceed 90 days. Anticipated final sessions will address closure and appropriate referrals.

Fee Schedule, Method of Billing, and Terms of Payments: Out-of-pocket fees range from $120-$100/session based on ability to pay. This counselor is able to bill some insurance plans, in which case you are responsible for obtaining any prior authorization required and paying your copay directly to this counselor. You may also choose to submit your own claims for out-of-network insurance reimbursement with information supplied by the counselor. Out-of-pocket payments and insurance copays are expected at the time of service by cash, check, or credit/debit card payable to this counselor. Receipts are available upon request.

Accountability: The practice of counseling is regulated by the Board of Counseling Professionals Licensure. The board is authorized by law to discipline counselors who violate the board's law or rules. To learn about the complaint process, or to file a complaint against a counselor, contact:

Complaint Coordinator
Office of Licensing & Registration
35 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
(207) 624-8660
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Practice Policies
Communications/Media Policy:
When you need to contact me for any reason, these are the most effective ways to get in touch in a reasonable amount of time:
- By phone (207-650-8906.) You may leave messages on the voicemail, which is confidential.
- By secure email through the client portal at
- If you wish to communicate with me by normal email or normal text message, please inquire about the potential confidentiality risks of doing so.

If you need to send a file such as a PDF or other digital document, please FAX it to 207-221-2130.

Please refrain from making contact with me using social media messaging systems such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter. These methods have very poor security and I am not prepared to watch them closely for important messages from clients.

It is important that we be able to communicate and also keep the confidential space that is vital to therapy. Please speak with me about any concerns you have regarding my preferred communication methods.

Response Time
I may not be able to respond to your messages and calls immediately. For voicemails and other messages, you can expect a response within 24 hrs (weekends are excepted from this timeframe.) I may occasionally reply more quickly than that or on weekends, but please be aware that this will not always be possible.

Be aware that there may be times when I am unable to receive or respond to messages, such as when out of cellular range or out of town.

Emergency Contact
If you are ever experiencing an emergency, including a mental health crisis, please call the 24 hr Crisis Line at 774-HELP or 1-888-568-1112, call 911, or go to your local Emergency Room.

If you need to contact me about an emergency, the best method is:
- By phone 207-650-8906.
- If you cannot reach me by phone, please leave a voicemail and then follow up with a secure email through the client portal.

Please note that SMS (normal phone text messages) are not designed for emergency contact. SMS text messages occasionally get delayed and on rare occasions may be lost. So, please refrain from using SMS as your sole method of communicating with me in emergencies.

Disclosure Regarding Third-Party Access to Communications
Please know that if we use electronic communications methods, such as email, texting, online video, and possibly others, there are various technicians and administrators who maintain these services and may have access to the content of those communications. In some cases, these accesses are more likely than in others.

Of special consideration are work email addresses. If you use your work email to communicate with me, your employer may access our email communications. There may be similar issues involved in school email or other email accounts associated with organizations that you are affiliated with. Additionally, people with access to your computer, mobile phone, and/or other devices may also have access to your email and/or text messages. Please take a moment to contemplate the risks involved if any of these persons were to access the messages we exchange with each other.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy:
I understand that things come up that prevent you from making your appointments. In order to allow me to schedule other clients who need to be seen in a timely manner, I apply a cancellation/no-show policy to help me provide timely care to everyone and to compensate me for my time. The policy is as follows, and is effective immediately. As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time are subject to a fee of $60. Each client is allowed one cancellation/no-show within the 24 hour window without incurring a fee. Illnesses and other emergencies come up and are not subject to cancellation fees. Please call me at 207-650-8906 at your earliest convenience if you need to cancel.

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